SanDiego escort Felicia

Name: Felicia
Age: 23
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 121
Bust: C-Cup
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Hello there people? My name is Felicia your go-to-girl every time you want a good massage in town. I’m 23 years old and quite experienced in the art of giving my clients a sensational erotic massage that arouses you and gives you a defined meaning of what the word pleasures mean. I want you to leave San Diego after your trip is over and only remember of my smell and good experience you had with me. Do I look delicious? Do you think I’m edible? There is something special about me, but I leave that to my clients to find out when I give them a massage in the comfort of their room. We will be the two of us completely naked. With some little oil, our bodies will be gliding against each other as we work out our muscles and get to release all the tension and stress from your body.

From the very moment I show up in your room to the moment I leave, I will be all yours. You can have any massage request ready no matter how silly it looks like most of the enjoyable experiences I have had so far come from those little silly requests. I weight 121lbs.  I also have a C-cup bust that is quite sensitive but will not mind you awakening it. My lovely blonde hair smells great with my natural oil being a reminder of the great woman who gave you the best time of your lifetime in San Diego. I’m here to excite and make you happy so go ahead and ensure you have it all.