Why you should avoid San Diego Backpage escorts

If you are looking forward to having a great time in San Diego, you are definitely considering the element of an escort to accompany you. However, you should be on high alert that there are all kinds of escorts on offer and they are of different classes and quality. First, you should be forewarned about the fake offers for San Diego escorts on backpage. There are incredible and charming escorts in San Diego, but that does not simply that every advert out there is genuine and a guarantee of a truly fulfilling escort service.


Take a moment and think about it. Can you really trust some escort from a non-registered agency? Well, you are better off going with the option of hiring an escort from a well-established and duly registered escort service. A well-registered agency is a guarantee of a fulfilling experience. A legitimate service such as DreamGirlsSanDiego escort agency will give you a lifetime experience with no risks on your part. You will in no way risk being scammed or getting into trouble with law enforcement agencies, but just sit back and relax as you enjoy your pleasure time undisturbed.

There are more than enough reasons to restrain from hiring escorts on backpage. As a client on backpage, you are risking running into money swindlers and unregulated or untested escorts who might be infected with sexually transmitted infections. Instead of taking such a life-threatening risk, you should simply do due diligence and hire the services of a reputable agency such as DreamGirlsSanDiego.

The main benefits of hiring an escort with a legitimate escort agency such as DreamGirlsSanDiego as opposed to backpage include:

  1. Guaranteed security in which you can trace the escort and their identification details to the escort agency;
  2. Guarantee of healthy escorts free of sexually transmitted infections or any other contagious illnesses;
  3. Honest pricing and treatment towards you as a client by both the escort and the escort agency.

There are serious dangers of soliciting the services of an escort from the backpage website that you really need to be aware of. First, the San Diego backpage escorts are unregulated and work as unlicensed prostitutes hence against the law. Below are several highlights of the various problems that you could get into by simply engaging with a San Diego backpage escort.

  1. There are intermittent police operations that target nightclubs and bars to combat illicit prostitution and a lot of backpage escorts are usually on the headlines for arrests on prostitution charges;
  2. The adverts of San Diego escorts on backpage are often misleading and they are mostly indirect invitations to prostitution which you can get arrested for;
  3. San Diego backpage escorts can get you arrested since they are run by pimps who are the most wanted culprits of prostitution which involves under-age girls;
  4. The association of backpage escorts with prostitution is a huge concern since these are merely a proxy for human trafficking, which can really damage your reputation and personal liberty if the police catch you indirectly involved with them.

In fact, there is no definite way to ascertain that any advert of a San Diego escort on backpage is true. It is prudent that you take caution and stay away from backpage escorts since there is so much anonymity to ascertain the identity of any of the escorts listed.

The red flag on Backpage San Diego Escorts


If you have ever visited the backpage website, you are likely aware of the San Diego escort services advertised on backpage’s free advertisements category. The names of the escorts on the pages are fictitious entries and often reference stock photos. Although they claim to be independent escorts working alone, their short advertisements are fairly unsatisfactory and mind-trap clients to contact them.

Although this is quite a straightforward offer, it is an illusion of a simple option, but you are likely to regret it since you not informed of what the designated location of an “in-call” will be like. You cannot be sure that you are not walking into a trick or for a big time disappointment or embarrassment.

Safety Concerns

Your search and indulgence in pleasure might turn into a nightmare or a sour experience if you fall prey to the alluring advertisement on backpage. In fact, it is advisable to take the most precaution and just forget about backpage and rest in the peace of mind and comfort that comes with hiring an escort agency to get you a San Diego escort.

This is a superior option to hiring a San Diego backpage escort who you might fail at researching since they are hidden behind the curtains of the backpage platform with little room for cross-checking their identity. Most backpage alleged escorts are money-minded and out to make quick money from you more than they are interested in giving you a relaxing experience or the company you pay for.

You are not guaranteed of your personal safety since the escorts on the platform are individuals who rely on personal resources to run their business and coordinate everything. However, some girls who claim to be escorts on backpage are actually underdogs for pimps who own them and usually harass clients to pay a lot more than the initial advertised price on the backpage classifieds category.

Legal battles facing backpage escort business

The escorts’ adverts from backpage are from individuals who to a great length of masking their identities and this have attracted the attention of law enforcement agencies. First, the escorts alleged to service clients from backpage moved from using the MasterCard and Visa service to crypto currency option of Bitcoin. This is viewed as a move to create a proxy for sex trafficking and illegal prostitution by pimps being the backpage platform.

The bitcoin platform has in recent years blocked the use of its service for payments between clients and service providers on the backpage platform due to the legal battles that has face backpage pertaining to human trafficking.

Therefore it is obvious that soliciting escorts form the backpage platform is a directly way of associating yourself with people of questionable criminal record. You might be caught up in the sting operations of the government in the hunt down of criminals who are abusing the backpage platform to carry out illegal activities such as human trafficking.


In case, the government identifies your personal information either from a transaction record or phone call, you might in the risk of having your banking liberty frozen a possible time in jail. The termination of bitcoin, MasterCard and Visa as payment processing options for backpage are attributed to its flawed service and exploitation of innocent client.

These are concerns that pose a grave threat to your freedom and safety as an individual. In fact, the status of backpage is a questionable service which is attributed to the murders and injustices committed towards some escorts confirmed to have worked via the platform.

It simply has more to do with a population of misogynists and criminals and less to do with genuine escort services or adult entertainment at all. In such a politically marred environment, you are likely running into trouble and no chance of enjoying pleasurable moments by any measure.

The compromise on quality

It is fair to say you are looking for a truly relaxing adult entertainment experience with an admirable escort. The offers on backpage are surely tempting, but they are in no way guaranteed to be safe, discreet or secure. In fact, you are better off assuming they are the exact opposite. Meeting a San Diego escort on Backpage is a huge risk since there is no middle ground for you as a client and the alleged escort. These escorts who advertise themselves on the platform are actually independent and are by no means guaranteed to be who they claim to be. The arena of adult entertainment has been plagued by on artists and thieves who take advantage of the backpage platform to conduct phishing and distortion attempts in which you pay for services that are never delivered.

On the other hand, you are likely to get half of what you paid for and there is no room for a money-back policy or chargeback. There are cases of people, especially men who have been scammed on backpage. It is not far-fetched to conclude that backpage is a dark hole where you are likely to lose money or fall into worse fate of being scammed.

Instead of working into such a bad experience, look into the prospects of DreamGirlsSanDiego Escort agency which is a legitimate business with genuine screened and tested girls eager to pleasure you till you can take no more.

Why you should opt for DreamGirlsSanDiego escort agency instead of backpage

At this point it would be ridiculous not realize why you should avoid backpage by all means and alternatively find a reputable escort service company. As popular as backpage may be, it is definitely not a safe choice by average standards. It is also fair to say backpage is a definite recipe for trouble from the aforementioned concerns and inconsistencies.

  1. At DreamGirlsSanDiego you are assured of an exclusive quality service from the start to the end. We operate openly with standard procedures and precautions for the safety of both our escorts and clients. We maintain an open line of communication on phone and email as well as an online booking form on our website. We guarantee to treat our clients with dignity and ultimate discretion with regards to the personal identification information.
  2. At DreamGirlSanDiego we boast of a classy selection of escorts who are dutifully commitment to giving our clients an unbeatable world-class pleasure time. Thus, hiring an escort with our service is a definite guarantee that you get to spend time with a high-glass female companion in a legally acceptable arrangement. In other words you are singing up to a mutually exclusive experience that is both exceptional and worth the space of lifetime moments.
  3. DreamGirlsSanDiego is your number one San Diego escort service that will earn you thrilling company and a distinguished girl-friend experience with our gorgeous ladies. In fact, you have the chance to choose who among our escorts you prefer and state how you would like to be attended to releases and ease your desires.
  4. Our service protects you from the nuisances of bargaining with a random escort and the risk of being scammed as all the logistics of meeting with our escorts is pre-arranged and well established to give you the best possible service. You will have the undivided attention of a pretty woman who is not only excellent in pleasuring but also astute in submissive role play that puts the 50 shades of grey film to shame!
  5. Whether you have a party in town or an impromptu business meeting and in need of female companion; our services offer sexy and intelligent women who can match to any occasion as you need might be. You do not have to go alone or worry whether your escort will match the occasion in question. We guarantee that our escorts are highly trained and able conversationalist who can promptly fit into challenging assignment of accompanying to both social and official occasion.
  6. At DreamGirlsSanDiego escort agency, we pride ourselves as a premier service with a dedication to customer satisfaction and fulfillment. Below are the major highlights of why you should choose DreamGirlsSanDiego Escort agency for a trouble-free experience.
  7. DreamGirlsSanDiego has long-standing reputation in the escort business and has served clients to a satisfactory degree over time.
  8. We offer healthy escorts who are of a clean-criminal background and medical wellness.
  9. DreamGirlsSanDiego escort agency has a professional customer care service to handle your booking in accordance to your schedule and preference.
  10. DreamGirlsSanDiego escort agency offers quality and cost-effective services unlike the overpriced and unrealistic prices with services such as backpage which are substandard and shady.
  11. Our DreamGirlsSanDiego escort service guarantees your personal safety and the safety of your belongings and our escorts will never steal from you or attempt to get money unjustly from you.
  12. Hiring DreamGirlsSanDiego escorts is a guaranteed that you will spend quality pleasure time in SanDiego with a truly beautiful and highly affectionate belle by your side to sate you to the brim.

Bottom Line

Do not fall for backpage San Diego escorts! San Diego escort package services are both a waste of time and money. For a truly fulfilling and unforgettable experience in San Diego, book an escort with DreamGirlsSanDiego and we promise you will live to relish it!

It will be the most wonderful decision will ever make for you time spent in San Diego!

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