SanDiego escort Anita

Name: Anita
Age: 31
Height: 5ft 7inch
Weight: 119
Bust: C-Cup
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Languages: English



Are sexy, big booty blondes your fetish? Imagine a 5 foot 7, 119 pound beauty with short soft hair, glittering eyes, great teeth and sensational skin! I am the kind of girl who can keep it shy when in front of people and wild when we are alone in the bedroom. Before I started my work in San Diego, I had never worked for an escort agency before. I am not the type of person who listens to judgment, I like my work and I love what I do. Whenever I am at work, I give my job 100 % concentration. Invite me for dinner to a hotel and restaurant and you will be shocked. I dress up conservatively and any on-looker will immediately think that this is somebody’s wife. I love the dining in-calls because they mean I’ll be playing dress up. From executive suits to sleek dresses, whatever may build on your image when we attend a convention, I can do it. For the men who are not getting love from their marriages or spouses, I am there for you. My act is therapeutic. Whether it is older or younger men, I love servicing everyone.