SanDiego escort Asia

Name: Asia
Age: 23
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 122
Bust: D-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English & Asian



I have what you need and you have what I want. Sometimes I get the name of super model. I previously had a runway career in the modeling industry before finding my true calling of being an escort. I treasure my work highly even though I do it part time. Men crave for a girl who is smart, hot, funny and sexy. I believe in myself and I have everything you could ever want in a girl. Am still young in the industry and am already entertaining a sizeable fanbase because am really good at what I do. I can make a guy feel like royalty by showing them affection that they have never experienced with another lover before. I have amazing breasts waiting for your touch, not forgetting my outstretched long legs that reveal thick fleshy thighs. My hips do not lie too, as they expand over my slim waist making it, a perfect figure that drives other girls jealous when we are out together. I am ready to give you a time that you will never forget, as I am not prudish behind closed doors. During the day or night, I will play your dinner escort or girlfriend if you like.