SanDiego escort Eva

Name: Eva
Age: 21
Height: 5ft 6inch
Weight: 114
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Blonde
Languages: English



Is this your first time in San Diego? Don’t even say as you’re in for a very interesting experience ahead of you. You are in for a special treat that might change the way you perceive pleasures. My name is Eva, and I’m your best masseuse in San Diego looking to give a massage like never before in life. I know your masseuse will not be able to do what I’m capable of offering you right now if you go ahead and hire me. Do you like getting your massage with me naked or dressed? Oh, boy, I already know the answer to that so go ahead and close your eyes, and everything will become a reality in the next few minutes. You will love the scent of my blonde hair as I get close to you and let my B-Cup bust do the work of rubbing against your body. Let me rub and massage your body all the way done as you close your eyes and experience the magic of what my fingers can do.

The warm feeling running through your body will grow with time and without knowing you will be mourning with pleasures of all kinds. I’m just 21 years old but know everything about ending my massage service happily. My lovely blue eyes will give you the signal it is the time we all get into the mix and experience a lovely and enjoyable experience as our massage comes to an end. Go ahead and make all that a reality by hiring me right away!