SanDiego escort Ally

Name: Ally
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 7inch
Weight: 116
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Black
Languages: English



Here gentlemen of San Diego? My name is Ally your blue eyes girl with a lovely black hair looking forward to treating you to the best massage in San Diego. I have my clients who always get back to me after a wonder experience but currently free to expand on my client list. How about you become that lucky man to get the best massage from me? I have a lovely body, and beautiful face which is great attracting my clients but they are not the best things to me. I’m quite talented in giving my clients an erotic massage and do it as an art to perfection. Are you bored and tired in your room and need someone to alert you and awaken all your senses? You can only get the best of San Diego when fully alert and sensitive, and that is what I’m here to offer.

Take a minute and give me a call and I promise you it will be worth every effort. I know the busy schedules of most of my clients and the need for privacy and do my best to work according to their timeline. I’m 22 years old but up to the task for what will be the best moments of your life. I have a lovely B-cup bust and weigh about 116 lbs. I’m 5ft 7inch tall woman with a good physique and one that will be capable of handling any massage request. I have those lovely blue eyes that will give you the bet smile and even more. Book now when I’m available for an enjoyable time together.