SanDiego escort Riley

Name: Riley
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 5inch
Weight: 116
Bust: B-Cup
Hair: Brunette
Languages: English



Every man who comes to San Diego deserves to be treated with honor and respect, and that is exactly what I’m here to offer you. My name is Riley, and I want to be that woman who welcomes you to San Diego with a special massage treatment. I’m an extremely beautiful brunette woman with the brains and skills to deliver a stunning adult massage. I’m never boring and keep those little sweet conversations going as I press your muscles on the right nodes and send you to a world of slumber without even noticing. I then work your body all the way down and re-energize it before you wake up to complete new person feeling great and refreshed. It doesn’t end there as I further strip and glide my body against your arousing you and awakening all your body senses. This is the part I love most as my clients go crazy with pleasures telling me all sort of things.

That is it, for now, let’s not spill everything here but instead book me and we make it a reality together. I might be 22 years old but rich in experience of what men want. I have a B-cup bust and weigh around 116 lbs. I am 5ft 5 inch tall and have blue eyes. I believe you are going to call me any minute from now.